Power & Charge Batteries
Cell Phones,
Global Positioning Systems (GPS),
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA),
Cycle Computers,
Notepads &
many more low powered devices

Power & charge your mobile phone & many other devices, while you cycle with the award winning product, Pedal & Power ®.

Green Power

  • Charge ALL mobile phones no matter what make or model. Only requires car cigarette cable suitable for your phone.
  • Fits all Bicycles.
  • Easy to attach & simple to use.
  • Will give you years of FREE charging, saving you money.
  • Eco-friendly, re-cycles your energy while on the move, anytime & anywhere.
  • Empowers, freedom to stay connected.

Complete Pedal & Power ® pack includes:-
The Unique Charger Unit,
Universal Phone Holder,
6v/3w Bicycle Dynamo.

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Charger Unit will charge ALL mobiles.
car charging cable shown,
not included.

Universal Phone Holder will firmly grip ALL size mobile phones

6v/3w Bicycle Dynamo. Conforms to European standard K101.

Purchase your Pedal & Power kit from one of our distributors.

Stockist/Distributor Links

Ikon Global do NOT sell directly to the public. Please purchase from one of the above distributors. Most of our distributors are willing to ship Pedal & Power units directly to you anywhere around the world & accept credit cards.